College Abide Retreat

In John 15, Jesus illustrates how our spiritual health is reliant on our dependence on Him by painting the picture of a vine and its fruit. Just as a branch cannot be fruitful unless it's connected to its source of substance, we can’t thrive unless we’re completely dependent on Jesus and make the time to simply abide with Him. And abiding with Him means deeply dwelling in His presence—resting in the finished work of Christ and becoming more like Him as our love for Him grows.

But it's hard to find the time to be with Jesus in a culture that's constantly fighting for our attention. The idea of slowing down to meet with Him feels impossible at times. So how can we learn to abide with Him in a busy, digital, distracted world?

ABIDE 2022 is a weekend focused on learning how to simply be with Jesus. The retreat will include sessions of worship, biblical teaching, community, baptisms, lots of fun, and plenty of space to practice how to truly experience life with Christ. 

Be sure to lock in your spot by October 4 to take advantage of early-bird pricing—the cost will jump from $80 to $100 starting October 5! Freshmen can receive HALF OFF with the code “FRESHMAN”!