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ATX Student Weekend

ATX Student Weekend is for 6th-12th graders from across our city to come together for worship, biblical teaching, crazy amounts of fun, and more! This two-day event is like summer camp in February—a place for students to encounter Jesus in a new way and fuel a passion for living life on mission in their schools, on their sports team, and in the city of Austin. This year, students will learn more about what it means to step into the new life that Jesus called us to. Like Lazarus, before we can step into new life, we must first step out of the old grave clothes that are holding us back.

All of the students that attend this event through The Austin Stone will be staying in host homes of families that attend our church. If you'd like to be a host home, please fill out an application! We’re also looking for leaders to serve throughout the weekend. You can fill out a registration form by clicking the appropriate button below!