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May 1, 2017
March 15, 2023

Positivity is Required in a Healthy Band

Aaron Ivey talks about how crucial it is for a healthy band to maintain a positive environment. Negativity can ultimately lead to ineffectiveness, so we must strive for positivity and unity within our teams.

Here are some of the main points:

  • “Cynicism moves and moves until ultimately you’re bitter and ineffective.”
  • “Negativity is different than having a critical eye about things.”


“Positivity is required.

Positivity is not, like, you should shoot for it, or it’d be great if that happened. But positivity is a requirement for a good healthy band dynamic.

You’re nodding your head if you’ve been in a band where there’s somebody or there’s a culture of negativity. It absolutely destroys a team.

I’ve been in several bands where negativity just fosters, and a lot of the times I’ve been the one that’s been doing it.

Here’s how negativity works: negativity, it could be one small thing, it could be an issue with the church you’re working at, it could be an issue with interpersonal stuff, it could be an issue with your own perspective about your life, but negativity always moves to cynicism. Always.

Negativity moves to cynicism. You know what cynicism moves to? Bitterness. You know what bitterness moves to? Total ineffectiveness. Always. There’s no way around it. Negativity always blooms. It’s like a really terrible weed. Negativity turns to cynicism. “Man, I’m really cynical about a lot of things right now.” Cynicism moves and moves until ultimately you’re bitter and ineffective.

I’ve found that this is something that can go unchecked really quickly, you know? It’s like, “Oh that’s a comment. He’s just a critical person, or that’s just her personality. Whatever.” No man. As the leader, stop it. Stop negativity from happening.

Negativity is different than having a critical eye about things. There have been several times where Philip has had a critical eye about something, but it’s not negative. It’s not cynical. It’s not bitter. It’s not ineffective. A critical eye is different, okay?

Positivity in all things is required, and you guys set the temperature for that. You set the temperature on your team. You set the temperature in this room. You set the temperature at your campus to be a positive person. Cool?”

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