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December 19, 2016
March 15, 2023

Growth at the Core of the Gospel

In this video, Aaron teaches about the importance of growth in our gifts, talents, and character.

Here are some main points Aaron shared with us:

  • “The church deserves an army of artists who are willing to grow in how they use their gifts.”
  • “Your sanctification is a growing process as we become more and more like Jesus.”


Aaron Ivey: See, the church, the local body of Christ, is worthy of having an army of artists and volunteers who take their role in the kingdom so seriously that they’ll do whatever it takes to grow as leaders. That’s what the church deserves. That’s what the body of Christ, our local body of Christ at the Austin Stone, deserves – an army of men and women who take it so seriously that they’re willing to grow in how they use their gifts.

Every single one of you in this room – no one is exempt from this – has been entrusted with a unique set of gifts. Those gifts have been entrusted to you for the purpose of serving other people. I don’t know if you’ve thought about that before, or if you’ve been challenged in that thinking before. You didn’t just figure out how to take photographs one day so you could take photographs. The Lord Himself, God the artist, entrusted that gift of artistry that he gave you so that you could use those gifts ultimately for other people and to point other people towards the Lord.

As one of your pastors and elders, I want to walk alongside you and help grow you into the absolute best artist, best volunteer, best servant, best minister of the gospel, that you could possibly be. We as a team want to grow you guys and us to be better artists, to be better songwriters, to be better photographers, to be better storytellers and filmmakers and designers.

But why? Who cares if I show up and want to grow or don’t want to grow? Just let me keep doing it. Why does it matter? Here’s why it matters:

Because growth is always at the core of the gospel.

Growth is always at the core of the gospel. If you think about it, when Jesus invited his disciples, he didn’t just invite them in then hand them the ministry. He grew them as ministers of the gospel. He taught them. He developed them.

Timothy grew in his ability to teach the church. David grew in his ability to play songs and to write poetry. Paul grew in his understanding of the Christian faith. Your sanctification and my sanctification is a growing process as we become more and more like Jesus. Growth is always at the core of the gospel.

I’m not just saying this is a good idea to become cooler. I’m saying this is a gospel issue for men and women who have been entrusted with a gift that’s meant to be used to lead other people to knowing Christ.

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