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September 26, 2016
March 15, 2023

6 Basic Truths We Use In Our Kids Ministry

Our Kids Ministry at The Austin Stone has long been centered around something we call the “6 Basic Truths.” Years ago, we set out to summarize the gospel into a few kid-friendly and easy-to-memorize statements, in hopes that our kids could recite the gospel to themselves and share it with others. These six truths are:

  1. God is King of everything, including me.
  2. God is good and is the greatest treasure in the world.
  3. I’m born a sinner and I need a rescuer.
  4. Jesus is the Rescuer who can bring me to the greatest treasure in the world.
  5. Tell the world that Jesus is the Rescuer.
  6. Tell the world that Jesus is the Rescuer.

To aid in memorization, we also paired a color and a picture with each truth. Through incorporating these truths into our weekly curriculum and building resources around them, we have seen many kids be able to recite the gospel to our volunteers and have heard stories of kids sharing these truths at their schools and sports teams. We are so thankful for how God has used this simple tool to shape the theology of our children at The Stone.

However, as effective as these truths have been, we have desired to see these truths go beyond mere head-knowledge. We long for kids to love and live out these doctrines, not just know them.  And that’s why I’m so excited about our upcoming Only Jesus album – the first-ever kids album from Austin Stone Worship. Six of the ten songs on this album are written based on these six basic truths:

  • “You Made Everything” – Basic Truth #1
  • “King of Everything” – Basic Truth #2
  • “I Found a Treasure” – Basic Truth #3
  • “Rescue for My Soul” – Basic Truth #4
  • “Only Jesus” – Basic Truth #5
  • “Tell the World” – Basic Truth #6

It’s one thing for kids to know that God made everything, including them. It’s another thing entirely for them to be singing the opening lyrics to “You Made Everything”:

You made everything / and You made me.
And everything that You have made / is for Your glory.
You made everything / and You made me.
The breath I breathe, the song I sing / is for Your glory!

This song moves Basic Truth #1 from passive knowledge to active worship. I can’t wait to see how God uses this album in our Sunday program and in the homes of our families to help kids know and love the great truths of Scripture!

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